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Chiropractic, Sciatica, Back Pain

Work-related sciatica is clinically challenging and an expensive problem for our health care systems. One recent study found that workers with sciatica are significantly more likely to be prescribed opioids for their condition.1 Another study found that workers with low back pain and sciatica showed the highest level of disability of all back pain patients.2 […]

Chiropractic Increases Spinal Flexibility for Low Back Pain

For many people who suffer from low back pain, chiropractic treatments ease their symptoms and increase flexibility. But why does it work? And which patients are most likely to benefit? Recently, a team of researchers based in the United States and Australia set out to investigate the effect of one chiropractic technique on spinal stiffness […]

Chiropractic Can Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is a very common condition, affecting one out of three adults. Experts estimate that chronic back pain costs the US about $100 billion each year in direct and indirect costs. As with all health issues, it’s better and easier to prevent back pain than it is to treat it after it occurs. A […]

Chiropractic – Osteoarthritis, Arthritis

Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic can be an effective treatment for lumbar spinal pain. A new study1 describes the previously reported benefits of chiropractic: “Giles and Muller compared the outcomes of acupuncture, medication, and spinal manipulation on spinal pain syndromes. Only spinal manipulation led to significant improvement. Rao et al. reported that 73% of […]

Chiropractic & Massage Beneficial for Back Pain

Back pain is a very common complaint, affecting up to 30% of people in the United States each year, and it is one that can be difficult to treat. Recent news has raised doubt about the effectiveness of some traditional medical responses to back pain, including surgery, pain relief supplements, and even bed rest. A […]

Chiropractic, Muscle Relaxants and Back Pain

Over ¾ of adult Americans experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and nearly 1 in 5 experience it each year, making it important to determine which treatments are most effective. This double-blind study looked at the effectiveness of treating subacute lower back pain (LBP) with chiropractic adjustments when compared to treatment […]

Chronic Back Pain, Chiropractic Effective

This study based used a practice-based, observational model to look at the effectiveness of intervention in a selected group of patients with both acute and chronic lower back pain (LBP).  It compared the efficacy of chiropractic intervention with standard medical care in both types of LBP. 2780 patients were enrolled in the study over a […]

Back Pain: How Chiropractic Can Help

Back pain is the leading reason people seek out the assistance of a chiropractor. A chiropractor as can help both with both pain management, and by improving the alignment of the back, they can help prevent future episodes of pain.  When you first go to see a chiropractor, he or she will take a medical […]