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Infant Colic Reduced with Diet Changes

Dietary changes could decrease crying in infants with colic, according to a recent literature review. The study confirmed that switching to a hydrolysed protein or soy-based formula and modifying mothers’ diets reduced symptoms of colic in infants. Colic is responsible for an estimated 10-20% early pediatric doctor visits and the condition can be the source […]

Should Non-Celiac Patients Go Gluten-Free?

Is “gluten-free” just the latest diet craze? That’s what critics say who point out that despite the growing popularity of gluten-free diets, only 2% of Americans have actually been diagnosed with celiac disease, according a 2012 survey. People with celiac disease can have dangerous allergic reactions when exposed to gluten, a protein found in wheat. […]

Vitamin D and Spinal Health

New research suggests there may be a link between the body’s vitamin D levels and spinal health. The majority of patients who were about the receive spinal-fusion surgery had alarmingly low levels of vitamin D in one study presented last week at the North American Spinal Society conference. The study was conducted the Washington University […]

Neck Pain and Headache in Kids

Neck pain and headaches in kids: More common than parents think Preteens may experience headaches and neck pain far more often than their parents would expect. A Swedish study of 131 students ages 10-13 years old compared the spinal health of students with and without pain. A surprising finding was that parents significantly under-reported their […]

Musculoskeletal Medicine and Primary Care Physicians

Musculoskeletal difficulties or injuries rate as the second most common reason for patients to consult with their primary care doctor. Yet, questions have been raised about the quality of primary care doctors’ knowledge of fundamental musculoskeletal medicine. This study surveyed 85 recent medical school graduates in their first year of residency to determine their competency […]

Predictors of Neck Disorders

This study hoped to determine what factors influenced the prognosis of neck disorders (ND) in 568 subjects (294 in the intervention and 274 in the control). The patients were four different types of workers—hospital, airport, warehouse, and office. The predictive factors that were evaluated were: a disorder for more than 30 days, any treatments the […]

Muscle Hardness and Tension Type Headache

Studies have indicated that the pericranial muscles are more tender in chronic tension-type patients than in controls. It has also been reported that tension-type headache patients have harder pericranial muscles. This study examined the muscle hardness in such cases to see if it was influenced by the presence or absence of headache or if it […]

Headache Type and Neck Mobility

Cervicogenic headache has been receiving considerable attention in the literature the last few years. A new study from Norway provides some new information that can aid clinicians in diagnosing cervicogenic headache and differentiating it from other types of headache. The study compared 90 headache patients to 51 control subjects in regard to neck range of […]