Greater Atlanta Family Medicine is a medical facility with our location convenient to the AtlantaMetro area just off I-85 North and Beaver Ruin Road.

Our center provides an advanced individual physical design for improving and sustaining your well-being and longevity

Taking The Necessary Time & The Best Technology

Our Greater Atlanta Family Medicine (GAFM) doctors take a proactive approach to your health. Our physicians spend the necessary time with each of their patients partnering and collaborating with them in their healthcare.We utilize state-of- the-art medical technology including laboratory blood work, urinalysis, digital x-ray, nerve testing (NCV/EMG), EKG, and ultrasound.

Preventative Services We Offer

Preventive Care Services are often considered, or called “Physicals,” “Wellness Visits” or “Well-Checks.”

These visits are intended for you and your doctor to review and discuss prevention of disease and healthy life choices such as smoking cessation, cancer prevention and benefits of regular exercise. Included in this is our unique biomechanical evaluation of your musculoskeletal system and its relation to your overall health.

It May Not Cost You Anything

Most health plans today, government and commercial insurance payers alike, may offer Preventive Care Services at no cost to you as a part of your coverage.

Each has its own preselected screenings that are required as a part of your benefit plan, and your doctor will perform an exam and request labs to meet your specific insurance plan’s requirements.

We at GAFM know that your most valuable asset to you and your family is your health. Early disease detection and treatment keeps you healthy and productive reducing potentially costly future treatments.

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